Samagra ID Portal Madhya Pradesh Online 2021 | How to make Samagra Id? Online Form Registration

Samagra ID portal mp online, Samagra ID download, Samagra ID by name, what is Samagra ID portal, how to create new Samagra ID? How to find the Samagra ID of yourself and your family? You will find answers to all these questions in this article of ours.

Samagra Id Portal MP online:-

Samagra ID is a unique ID for the people of Madhya Pradesh, which is used to take benefits of various schemes of the government, this ID acts as an important identity in the application of beneficial schemes made by the government, so It has become necessary to create Samagra ID for the people of Madhya Pradesh, this id is created through online medium of Samagra id portal of every citizen of the state.

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After making this ID, the public does not face any difficulty in taking benefit of government schemes and they can easily take advantage of it by applying for government schemes, the information of each person registered in this Samagra ID. It gets secured on this portal, which can be used by the government to plan for public welfare in the future.

Information about Samagra Id Portal :-

Samagra ID has been created for the citizens of Madhya Pradesh through this Samagra ID Portal MP created by the Government of Madhya Pradesh, all the information related to Samagra ID is available on this portal, through this Samagra Portal you can create a new ID. You can create, search ID, and also update any Samagra ID profile, there are five main sections for citizens on this portal which are as follows:-

  • Know your overall identity
  • Register your family or family member on Samagra Portal
  • Update your Samagra ID (Update your Samagra ID profile)
  • Find your ward/colony
  • Find your family / family member

 Types of Samagra ID :-

There are mainly two types of Samagra ID, about which information is given below:-

  • Samagra ID of a member – This type of Samagra ID is given separately to each member of the registered family.
  • Samagra ID of a family:- This Samagra ID is given to a whole family on new registration.

Main Purpose of Creating Samagra ID :-

The main purpose of creating this Samagra ID by the Government of Madhya Pradesh is that every citizen of Madhya Pradesh should have a unique ID number in which all the important information of that citizen is safe, and that citizen can take advantage of all government schemes. Thus with the help of this ID, each family and all their members will have a unique identity, which they can use anywhere as proof of their identity.

Main Benefits and Features of Samagra Id Portal MP:-

  • With this Samagra ID, the information of their citizens will be safe with the government.
  • This ID will act as an identity card for the people of Madhya Pradesh.
  • After the creation of Samagra ID, people will not have to give all their information separately to take advantage of government schemes.
  • With the coming online of this Samagra ID Portal MP, the government will come to know about the exact condition of the poor and economically weaker people and will help in making new beneficial schemes for them.
  • Now the citizens of Madhya Pradesh will have to provide only their Samagra ID to apply for the new and beneficial schemes.
  • If anyone wants to apply for BPL card in the state then he can do it with the help of this Samagra ID.

Qualification and documents required to get Samagra ID:-

Eligibility and Important Documents for Samagra ID Portal MP Online Registration.

  • The applicant’s family or member should be a permanent resident of Madhya Pradesh,
  • Aadhar card for all members
  • family ration card
  • applicant’s education certificate
  • Voter card of the applicant who is above 18 years of age
  • Applicant’s photo
  • Mobile number active to verify OTP at the time of registration

How To Make Samagra Id MP Online | Registration :-

  • To create your new Samagra ID first you have to visit the official website of Samagra ID Portal MP Online.
  • There you will get the option to register a family, click on it!
Samagra Id Portal MP online
Source: Hindi Government Scheme
  • After that, on the next web page, the information that has been asked from you (such as your address, information of the head of the family, information of family members) will have to be filled correctly.
  • After giving all the information you have to upload the required documents.
Samagra Id Portal MP online
Source: Hindi Government Scheme
  • Then you have to submit your application by clicking on the Register Application button given below, this way your new Samagra ID Portal MP Online will be registered!

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