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Gaston Glock Biography

Gaston Glock was an Austrian entrepreneur known for his significant contributions to the firearms industry. He founded Glock Gums in 1980, with the main objective of designing safer and more demanding firearms.

The Glock company manufactured and marketed the pistol named after him, which became known as the “Glock pistol”.

The specialty of these pistols is that they are made using plastic and modern technologies, making them lightweight and safe. Glock’s design set a new standard in firearms and catapulted them to a position of importance in their business.

Gaston Glock’s contributions to the firearms industry have been significant, and his designs set a new standard for newer, safer weapons.


Gaston Glock Birth & Early Life

Who is Gaston Glock?

Gaston Glock was born on July 19, 1929, in Vienna, Austria. He had a simple childhood and showed interest in mechanical engineering from a young age.

His father was very intelligent and capable and he also inspired Gaston to discover new and unique things.

Since childhood, Gaston Glock liked to play with technical things and he set himself the goal of mastering engineering.

His hard work and dedication earned him recognition and acclaim in the field, and he was later able to demonstrate his expertise in firearms design.

Gaston Glock’s childhood was full of education. Which helped them to be vital in the direction of their future.

Gaston Glock Biography:

Nick Name Gaston Glock
Real Name Gaston
Profession Austrian Entrepreneur
Date of Birth 19 July 1929
Age (as of 2023 94 Years Old
Birth Place Vienna, Austria
Current City Vienna, Austria
Nationality American
Religion Christian
Zodiac Sign Pisces

Gaston Glock Age, Height & Weight

How old is Gaston Glock?  As of 2023, He is 94 years old. The height of Dapper is 5 ft 6 inches and the weight is about approximately 72 kilograms. Her Eye Color is Brown and her Hair Color is White.

Height (Approx) In centimeters – 170 cm
In meters – 1.70m
In feet & Inches – 5.6
Wight (Approx) In Kilograms 55 Kg
Eye Colour Brown
Hair Colour Black & Brown


Gaston Glock Profession

Gaston Glock was an Austrian entrepreneur and designer who made a significant and prominent mark in the firearms field. He founded the company “Glock Gums” in 1980, which later became known as “Glock”.

The Glock company in particular made significant contributions to the design and manufacture of pistols. The specialty of their design was that they were made using plastic and advanced techniques, making them lightweight and safe. His design set new standards in the field of firearms, and the Glock company gained a significant place in the business with its excellent products.

Gaston Glock’s career made him a pioneer and influential figure in the firearms industry, and his designs helped him gain a reputation in his field.

Gaston Glock Education

Gaston Glock also had a special interest in and enthusiasm for education. After completing his early education, he studied in the technical and mechanical fields. He took important steps toward his education and made it useful in achieving success in his field of entrepreneurship.

I do not know more detailed information about Gaston Glock’s education. Hence you are advised to check authoritative sources for accurate and latest information about Gaston Glock’s education.

School Not Known
University Not Known
Educational Qualification Not Known

Gaston Glock Family

Gaston Glock’s family consists of various members and their loved ones who form a part of his personal and professional life. His family may include his wife, children, and other necessary relatives.

Not Known more about his family.

Father Not Known
Mother Not Known
Brother Not Known
Sister Not Known

Gaston Glock Girlfriend/Wife and More

Gaston Glock is married to Helga Glock in 1958 and they divorced in 2011. After that Gaston is married to
Kathrin Tschikof in 2011 and have 3 children.

Marital Status Married
Helga Glock (m. 1958; div. 2011)
Kathrin Tschikof (m. 2011)
Monthly Earning Not Known
Net worth $2.6 BILLION

Gaston Glock Social Media

He is active on many social media platforms:

Gaston Glock Instagram Account

The official Instagram account of Gaston Glock is the name of glockinc.  As of 2023, Gaston Glock has 2.1 Million followers on his Instagram account.

Instagram glockinc

Gaston Glock Facebook Account

The official Instagram account of Gaston Glock is by the name of “GLOCK“. As of 2023, Gaston Glock has 1.9 Million followers on his Facebook account.

Facebook GLOCK

Gaston Glock Twitter Account

The official Instagram account of Gaston Glock is by name of “Gaston Glock“. Gaston Glock has 337k followers on his Twitter account.

Twitter GLOCKInc

Gaston Glock Youtube Channel

The official Youtube channel of Gaston Glock is named “GLOCKIncUSA“. As of 2023, Gaston Glock has approx 40  million subscribers on his youtube channel.


Gaston Glock Net Worth

There are few exact figures available regarding Gaston Glock net worth, it can be assumed that his net worth is around $2.6 Billion.

Some Facts About Gaston Glock

  • Gaston Glock was an Austrian entrepreneur and firearms designer.
  • He founded the Glock Pistol Company and made significant contributions in the firearms field.
  • Gaston Glock’s date of birth was July 19, 1929.
  • He designed pistols when he was about 52 years old.
  • Glock produced firearms for various countries, including Australia.
  • He named his famous pistol as “17”.
  • He founded the “Glock Gums” company, later known as “Glock”.

FAQs about Gaston Glock

1. How old is Gaston Glock?
– As of August 18, 2023, Gaston Glock would be 94 years old.

2. How tall is Gaston Glock?
–  Gaston Glock’s height is approx 5 feet and 6 inches.

3. Who is Gaston Glock?
– Gaston Glock is an Austrian entrepreneur and designer known for his significant contributions to the firearm industry. He founded Glock Ges.m.b.H. (Glock GmbH), a company renowned for its firearms designs.

4. How old was Gaston Glock when he developed the firearm?
– Gaston Glock was around 52 years old when he developed the first Glock pistol.

5. What did Gaston Glock produce for the Australians?
– Gaston Glock produced firearms, specifically Glock pistols, for Australians and various other markets.

6. Why did Gaston Glock name his pistol the 17?
– The exact reason for naming the pistol “17” is not mentioned.

7. How long did it take Gaston Glock to design his pistol?
– The duration it took Gaston Glock to design his pistol is not specified.

8. What company did Gaston Glock start?
– Gaston Glock founded the company “Glock Ges.m.b.H.” (Glock GmbH), which later became well-known as simply “Glock.”

9. What is Gaston Glock’s net worth?
–  Gaston Glock’s current net worth is about $2.6 Billion. Please refer to reliable sources for the most up-to-date information on his net worth.

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