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Axell Hodges Biography

Axel Hodges is a leading motocross rider known for his high level of skill and innovation. He has made a vow to be known for his grit, commitment, and passion for his vehicle.

Axel was born on  20 August 1996 (age 26 years), in Encinitas, California, United States. He gained an interest and inspiration in vehicles from a young age and went on to make a mark in the world of motocross.

Axel’s career in motocross has earned him a great deal of respect as a result of his dedicated training and regular hard work. He has participated in various competitions and his entrepreneurship and courage have helped him to grow.

Axel Hodges is known for his unique style and extreme tricks. He has demonstrated his prowess in motocross and freestyle motocross and has faced difficulties in living up to his ideals.

Axel Hodges’ contribution to the field of motorcross is significant and his inspirational story has inspired millions of people to become passionate about motorsport. His story of struggle, determination and success has made him a leading motivational speaker who inspires the world through his story of growth.


Axell Hodges Birth & Early Life

Who is Axell Hodges? Axel Hodges was born on  20 August 1996 (age 26 years), in Encinitas, California, United States. He is a renowned motocross rider and is known for his passion and determination.

His childhood was very exciting and enthusiastic. He was interested in vehicles since childhood and spent a lot of time playing with his friends. He spoke of the unique interactions he had with his family, which encouraged his personal and personal growth.

Axel’s parents understood his motivation and supported him in his hobby and gave him a chance to follow his heart’s demand. His family played an important role in getting him towards his hobby, which proved to be helpful in building his career.

From a young age, Axel became interested in motocross and extreme sports and decided to pursue a career in this field. Their hard work, determination, and confidence helped them move towards their goals and they inspired the world with their skill and commitment.

Axel Hodges’ childhood was important in the formation of his career and he has acknowledged it as an inspiration. His hard work, diligence, and struggle helped him move in the direction of his dreams, which made him a unique identity.

Axell Hodges Biography:

Nick Name Axell Hodges
Real Name Axell Hodges
Profession Freestyle Motorcross
Date of Birth 20 August 1996
Age (as of 2023) 26 Years Old
Birth Place Encinitas, California, USA.
Current City Encinitas, California, USA.
Nationality American
Religion Christian
Zodiac Sign Leo

Axell Hodges Age, Height & Weight

How old is Axell Hodges?  As of 2023, He is 26 years old. The height of Dapper is 5 ft 9 inches and the weight is approximately 80 Kg. Her Eye Color is Hazel and her Hair Color is Light Brown.

Height (Approx) In centimeters – 179 cm
In meters – 1.79m
In feet & Inches – 5.9
Wight (Approx) In Kilograms 80 Kg
Eye Colour Hazek
Hair Colour Light Brown


Axell Hodges Profession

Axel Hodges is a prominent motocross rider, recognized for his exceptional skill and career. He has elevated his name in a big way because of his excellent performance in the field of motocross.

Axel’s career reflects the changing face of his contributions. He showed interest in the field of motocross since his early days and his hard work and unparallel determination took him to the heights of success.

Axel Hodges occupies a unique position in the profession. His contribution is considered important in the development of motocross sports, and the story of his skill and courage establishes him as an inspiration.

Since the beginning of his career till now, Axel has participated in various national and international competitions and has won countless accolades. Her competitive confidence and unique style have helped her gain recognition both locally and internationally.

Axel Hodges’ significant exhibitionism in his career and his steadfast commitment has made him a prominent figure in the motocross community, whose inspiration and guidance have inspired millions of others.

Axell Hodges Education

Axel Hodges has seen education play a vital role in his career which helps him move forward towards his goals. His education information is as follows:

Axel’s early education took place throughout his life. He learned from various educational associations during his school days and laid the foundation for his fundamental education.

After dating, Axel turned his attention to his motocross career. He decided to invest his education in his passion and put in the time to hone his skills in motocross and extreme sports.

After gaining the expertise and recognition to excel, he devoted himself completely to building his career. His journey of training and self-learning has helped make him a prominent figure in the motocross community.

Along with his dedication to his education, Axel Hodges has created a leadership position in pursuing his dreams. His education has given him the ability to cope with the struggles and has helped him progress towards his career.

School Douglass High School
University Not Known
Educational Qualification Not Known

Axell Hodges Family

Axell Hodges’s father’s name is Shaman Hodges and his mother’s name is Triti Hodges. He has a sister named Moran Hodges.

Father Shaman Hodges
Mother Triti Hodges
Brother Not Known
Sister Moran Hodges

Axell Hodges Girlfriend/Wife and More

Axell Hodges is girlfriend name is Gabriella Abutbol. Not much more about his girlfriend.

Marital Status Married
Gabriella Abutbol
Monthly Earning Not Known
Net worth $3 MILLION

Axell Hodges Social Media

He is active on many social media platforms:

Axell Hodges Instagram Account

The official Instagram account of Axell Hodges is the name of axellhodges.  As of 2023, Axell Hodges has 1.5 Million followers on his Instagram account.

Instagram axellhodges

Axell Hodges Facebook Account

The official Instagram account of Axell Hodges is by the name of “Slayhodge“. As of 2023, Axell Hodges has 432k followers on his Facebook account.

Facebook Slayhodge

Axell Hodges Twitter Account

The official Instagram account of Axell Hodges is by name “axell_hodges“. Axell Hodges has 13k followers on his Twitter account.

Twitter axell_hodges

Axell Hodges Youtube Channel

The official Youtube channel of Axell Hodges is named “AxellHodges96“. As of 2023, Axell Hodges has approx 254k subscribers on his youtube channel.

Youtube AxellHodges96

Axell Hodges Net Worth

There are few exact figures available regarding Axell Hodges’s net worth, it can be assumed that his net worth is around $3 Million as of 2023.

Axell Hodges Net Worth in 2023 $3.0 Million

Some Facts About Axell Hodges

  • Axel Hodges born 20 August 1996 is a prominent freestyle motocross rider.
  • Standing almost 6 feet tall, he is known for his impressive height.
  • Axel’s parents are Shaman Hodges and Triti Hodges, and he has a sister named Moran Hodges.
  • He rides a modified Yamaha YZ450F bike for his daredevil stunts and motocross performances.
  • Axel owns and operates his own personal training facility in California called “Slayground”.
  • Known for his safety-conscious approach, he often wears Bell Helmets brand helmets.

FAQs about Axell Hodges

Q: How old is Axell Hodges?
A: As of 2023, Axell Hodges was born on August 20, 1996, making him around 27 years old.

Q: How tall is Axell Hodges?
A: Axell Hodges is approximately 6 feet tall (183 cm).

Q: Where is Axell Hodges’ Slayground?
A: Axell Hodges’ Slayground is a private riding compound and freestyle motocross training facility located in Encinitas, California, USA.

Q: Where does Axell Hodges live?
A: Axell Hodges resides in Encinitas, California, USA.

Q: How much is Axell Hodges worth?
A: As of 2023, Axell Hodges’ net worth was estimated to be around $3 million. His current net worth might have changed, so it’s recommended to check the latest information.

Q: Who is Axell Hodges’ dad?
A: Axell Hodges’ father is the renowned freestyle motocross rider and X Games gold medalist, Kenny “The Cowboy” Hodges.

Q: What bike does Axell Hodges ride?
A: Axell Hodges is known for riding a modified Yamaha YZ450F for his freestyle motocross and stunt performances.

Q: What is Axell Hodges’ Slayground?
A: Axell Hodges’ Slayground refers to his private riding compound and freestyle motocross training facility in Encinitas, California. It’s a place where he practices and innovates new tricks and stunts.

Q: What helmet does Axell Hodges wear?
A: Axell Hodges is often seen wearing a helmet from the brand Bell Helmets, which is known for its high-quality protective gear.


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